About Us

Issedone Studios is a particular project by me. And now it is a non-profit technology development undertaking. It took more than 8 years to get where I am. The name Issedone I had work to find. I like to study world history, even more ancient history, which has fuzzy facts. And one of them is about a nomadic people who lived between the Caspian Sea and Lake Balkash, and is mentioned in the stories of the semi-legendary Aristeas. With so many common names for a website or company, I couldn’t afford to put any names in it. Then came the name Issedone Studios.

Below is a map of the location of this people, who existed between the 5th and the 1st centuries AD, being later mixed with the Huns, Turks and Mongols. We also have images of the Central Asian Steppes, which go from Ukraine, through Kazakhstan, reaching Mongolia. And of course, the habitation of the nomads to the present day, the Gers (or Yurtes).